Thursday, August 16, 2018


Kids have craze for their birthday. They are so much excited about it that they start planning for it a month before. They keep on reminding you about their birthday and keep on asking about plans of their birthday party. They want their birthday party to be extraordinary, attractive and unforgettable.
Being a parent or guardian, it is very difficult job to plan perfect birthday party for kids. Here I come up with simple tips that can help you in organizing perfect birthday party for them. Let’s see them one by one.


Cake is the soul heart of every birthday party. Kids love to blow candles and thereafter, cake cutting. If that cake is of the shape of their favourite cartoon character then it is like an icing on the cake.  As, Kids are fond of chocolates. You can plan a cake made up of chocolates or you can even go for a chocolate cake.
Order the cake which is of the shape of their favorite cartoon character like bheem, sinchain, doremon, Ben10, Barbie doll and many more. If you are having a baby girl you can go for pink color or pink white color cake. Similarly for a guy you can opt blue shade cake. Rest you can make alterations according to taste of your kid.

Balloon with Chocolates:

In order to give surprise to your kid you can fill the balloon with lot of chocolates and sparkles and then you can ask your kid to burst it. When he burst it all chocolates and sparkle flows out he will be surprised by this activity.

Plan a Theme Party:

According to the taste of your kid plan a theme party. You can either choose a favourite cartoon of your kid or even hi s favourite colour for deciding theme. Suppose your kid favorite cartoon character is Mickey Mouse.
Do the decoration with Mickey Mouse stickers, balloons, charts, posters. Even distribute Mickey Mouse cap among children. If his favourite colour is blue, decorate whole venue with blue colour balloons, with different cartoon characters.

Decorate with Balloons:

Children love balloons. They love to play with it. Every kid is having dream that their room is full of balloons where they can play a lot and burst them as many as they want. Decorate party hall with balloons, you can even spread balloons on the floor of the room, where he can play with his friends.

Grand Entry:

You can make entry of your kid grand by making him enter in the toy car or on toy horse with birthday song. You can even welcome him by sprinkling sparkle or flower on him in order to treat him like king or queen.


Plan a lot of games for him and for his friends like musical chair, train game, blindfold and many more. You can even go for a cartoon character that will make him and his friends play games. You can even give prices to a kid who will win in the games.

Hide gifts:

You can make party little adventurous for your kid by hiding gifts in the party and ask him to hunt for it. Give him some clues or tasks if he does so then only give him gifts.


Children love music which is rich in music rather than high note music. They have their own taste and liking. When you are choosing music do ensure that it is a party for them so choose music that they like rather than choosing music of your choice. Let them enjoy their day fully.

Theme Party Invitation:

You can give invitations to your kids’ friends with mickey mouse shape card. You can even make invitation card more interesting by giving chocolates or toffee or birthday party cap with it.

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  1. Perfect! My nephew’s birthday is around the corner and I am planning to book his favorite event venue. This post is quite helpful and I would love to do all off this for him. I have arranged a place where there is a pool and outdoor activities for all the kids.