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A handwriting skill holds utmost need in everyone’s life whether you are in primary school, secondary school, college, doing job etc.
It is important in every part of everyone’s life. It reflects personality of an individual. Handwriting depicts hidden emotions of an individual.
Good handwriting skill let the kids express themselves in a better way and helps them to communicate easily with the people around them. The way kids understand their surroundings, their ability to grasp pencil are the foremost points that help them to write well.
Whether you are a teacher, a home tutor, a parent or guardian, it is your responsibility to help them write in a better way. If kids start practicing handwriting skills by their own then it is really good. Otherwise you need to take a call and help in improving their handwriting.
However, if you think to take a start and realize that your kid’s handwriting needs improvement then it’s never be too late. You can start at any point of time, only there is a requirement of proper techniques.

Reasons behind kid’s negligence for handwriting:

Children, especially in their early ages have a great desire to have a beautiful handwriting. However, often times they get frustrated and annoyed due to the lack of coordination.
Another reason for their frustration is that they mostly do not find it easy to improve their handwriting and it results in making their handwriting even worse than before.
Due to advent of technologies many kids finds handwriting as an unimportant task but that’s not the case. Sometimes even the parents and teachers do not pay attention to it.
For every child, learning always starts from home. So, paying attention in early ages is fruitful as it is an accurate period to ingrain all the good habits in them.

Why is handwriting still important in the digital age?

When a child start speaking, next emphasis puts on his handwriting because it is said whatever you write, you will never forget that in your entire life.
Handwriting depicts emotions of kids. Handwriting is an important part in school activities. Classwork, Homework, assignments, projects, charts, models, exams; each and every part of school life involves handwriting. It depicts the real personality of human beings. If your handwriting is good chances of getting good marks in exams also gets increases. 
Writing is not only restricted to the school or college life but it holds importance in our daily life. When we need to do any calculation, we do it in paper that requires writing. A list of shopping, doctors prescription, notes, office work all involves the usage of handwriting. 
If your children have a good handwriting, you feel satisfaction that they will always be able to express their ideas in a better way. It also improves their pride and they will be satisfied and happy.
On the other hand, a child who does not possess good handwriting surely feels complex. Especially after looking at the notebooks of his friends and other kids in the class, he/she might feel ashamed. As a result, he will start hesitating and will avoid writing and expressing his ideas clearly.
Even these small things matter a lot and you should not neglect them if you want your child to have a bright and successful future.
Handwriting has direct impact on legibility. If your kids are not able to write well and people fail to read their writing then there is no point to write anything.
Confidence building:
A good handwriting is also important for improving the confidence of your child. The children can write freely and express their ideas confidently without any hesitation or reluctance.
Some children become under confident due to these small negligence and its after effects become worst for the child’s life and his career. It might create a serious mess.
You should remain careful about all these things happening in your kid’s life and you should ask him/her to share the problems with you from the early age.
A person having a good handwriting seems more. Most people only focus on making concepts and forget about the importance of presentation.
Would you like to eat from a plate that is well decorated and clean or from a plate that is full of mess? You should think about it and let your kids think on it as well. It is for their betterment.
There are different ways that can be used to improve the handwriting of your kids. You just need to be patient and motivate your kid to remain determinant. Some of the ways that can help you in improving your kids’ handwriting are written below.

Continuous Process:

First of all, you must understand that improving handwriting is a continuous process. It requires lot of practice and attention. The parents and teachers must admire the kids for their efforts and give them prizes to let them remain motivated and focused.
There is a great need for scheduling regular practice sessions. You should keep monitoring their work and keep supervising them to let them know the importance of this matter.

Making Practicing a Fun Activity:

You can make the task of practicing a fun activity in different ways. Offering the kid a special colorful pencil or a rainbow colored pen can be very beneficial.
Do not always ask them to write boring stuff from their books, rather ask them to think about some interesting stories; it will also improve their creativity.

Puzzles and Games should be Encouraged:

Kids mind gets distracted easily. If focus always put on the writings through boring methods they find it hard to do. By making learning session little innovative, you can help kids to write well.
You can ask them to try word puzzles like hangman, anagrams etc. You can also ask the kids to think of a list of words that are related to a specific thing or place.

Pinpointing the Actual Problem:

There are four major areas in which the problems related to handwriting lies. They include the formation of the letter, the sizing of letters, spaces between the letters and words and the alignment of line.
The symmetry of letters is also important. The kids’ practice should be focused on the letters first and then on the words; later on the sentences.

Making Use of the Right Tools:

Do not give a very heavy and long pencil to your kids. Rather let them write with a normal sized pencil that is neither too heavy nor too light. Very small sized pencil also creates trouble.
Let them write comfortably. Also, ensure that the kid has a fine eraser that is handy enough to be used whenever required. The children should not be made afraid of making mistakes. Let them make mistakes and then teach them to correct them.

Letting Them Write Outside the Box:

There are some surfaces that prove to be great for writing something on them like a foggy glass window, a fine patch of dust on a smooth surface, a bowl of sauce that is left over after a meal, etc.
It does not matter that whether the kid practices with his pencil, a stick or his fingers. If you appreciate his creativity, it will surely motivate him to write in a better way the next time.

It is Never too Late:

Although it is important to pay attention to the kid’s handwriting in their early ages, however, it is never too late to start. Even the people in their old age also sometimes try to work out on their handwriting.
The kids, even in the secondary school, college or university should always be motivated and advised to work out for the improvement of their handwriting.

Making the System Better:

It is not always the fault of the children for having a bad handwriting. Mostly it is because of the system in which they are taught. The teachers do not care about the children’s handwriting; they just focus on making up their concepts.
No doubt that it is essential to concentrate on clearing their concepts, but the importance of making the kids able to convey and express their thoughts and ideas on paper can also not be negated.

Importance of Pen Grip:

If you want the physical needs of writing to be developed in your child, you must understand the importance of letting them hold the pencil in the right way, making their posture accurate, helping the control the movement of their hand, dexterity, and coordination.
Most of the children grip their pencils with their middle finger, index finger and the thumb. It is also fine to let the entire assembly rest on their ring finger.
The calligraphy writers who have amazing skills of writing mostly rest their pencils on their first knuckle. It lets their blunt end point in a direction opposite to their body.
The children should be appreciated to use the grip that comforts them and lets them write in a relaxed way. Even if there is a need of changing the grip that is fine; initially, they will feel weird and uncomfortable but then after some time it will become normal.

Putting Some Force on the Shoulder Group:

Most of the times children do not write, rather they make use of their fingers for drawing or scrawling the letters. It is supposed to necessitate picking up the entire hand whenever there is a need to write down a new word. This causes the fingers of the child to get tired quickly.
As a result, jagged writing appears due to cramped fingers. It is better to make use of the shoulders’ muscles while writing; it helps in increasing the control as well as endurance.
For that, the kids have to pick up their hand and then draw a big circle randomly in the air. The muscles that are used in this process come in the category of the shoulder group.

Practice is the Only Option:

Whatever strategies you use for improving the handwriting of the kids, you have to make sure that they keep practicing in daily basis. Even if their writing gets improved, they should not stop practicing. You can ask them to write on an interesting topic on daily basis.
This will also let them think creatively and widely. You would have heard the saying “practice makes a man perfect”. It also makes a kid’s handwriting perfect. You should tell the importance of practice and hard work to your kids from their childhood.

Take Suitable Breaks in between:

The children should not be forced to keep writing for a long time. Rather you should give them suitable time for break in which they can play different games and relax.
Otherwise they will find it a burden to do the exercises for the improvement of their handwriting.
In fact you should persuade them by saying that they would be allowed to play games for a long time after completing their writing assignments.

Children Suffering from Dyslexia:

There is a disease called Dyslexia that also affects the handwriting of the children. The parents and teachers should remain conscious and must keep checking the causes for their bad handwriting.
Rather than scolding them and compelling them to write properly, they must be handled with love. Meanwhile you should also consult a doctor if you find something abnormal in their handwriting.

Writing Style does not Matter Much:

It does not really matter that whether the kid’s handwriting is separate or joined. You should only be concerned with the neatness of their writing. The letters should also be symmetrical.
The size of the words should also be standard; it should neither be too short nor too long. But overall there is no compulsion to change the shape of the letters if they are neat, clear and legible.

Final words:

You must keep all the above factors in mind if you want your kids to write well. The importance of a good handwriting should also be taken into consideration to remain motivated for helping your children to write well. Time and commitment are the two foremost things required to improve the handwriting of the kids.
You should not compel the kids to keep working for a long time because it will make them frustrated and they will lose interest in making efforts to make their handwriting better. By following all the above tips you will surely notice a drastic positive change in the handwriting of your kids and this will increase your satisfaction to a great extent.


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