Friday, August 17, 2018

How to Make your Child Nursery Ready without Playschool

Now a day, many schools have started the trend of taking interview of children before giving them admissions in the school.

As a result, parents have to focus not only on the child growth but also the overall growth like how the child interacts with others, what knowledge he possesses, is he able to speak properly, is he able to speak counting, alphabets and many more. Due to the competition parents send their child to play school so that there he learns things properly.

In the playschool children are taught many rhymes, poems, alphabets, counting and many other things. Earlier children are sent to these schools when both parents are working and they need someone to take care of their child in a proper way but now this becomes a trend. Most people send their child to play school just by seeing others. Now a day, play school is not a choice but an obligation.

You can prepare your child for an interview ready at home itself. You just need to give little attention to your child.

For every child, home is the first school where they started learning everything and whatever knowledge, skills, morals they learn at home will be there with them until the end of their life. Because of that it’s been said always ingrain good things in your child so that they do good things throughout their life.

Ways to Teach Children at Home

Repetition of Words

Children has very high grasping power. They don’t know anything when they have taken birth i.e. they learnt nothing when they are in a womb of their mother. They started learning things by seeing the surroundings.

How we behave, what we speak, the way we pronounce things they started doing so. If we want to make them learn things first we have to make habit of repeating the same things again and again so that by hearing these words they started speaking themselves.

Imagination Power

Never stop your child from doing things. Many kids have a great intellectual mind. They have a habit of imagining things, drawing things.

Help your child in growing imagination by playing a variety of games like alphabet recognize game, make different colour folded paper and ask your child to recognize it, tell them different stories during night time and many more things you can do.

Encourage Playing

Never stop your child from playing. Never reduce their playing time for studying and learning. Playing not only helps in physical health but also helps in mental health.

Help your child to learn new things by playing like you can make them in learning to count through ball catches he miss, you can make him learn rhymes through dancing.

Give Time to the Child

Children don’t want anything from parents. They only want their precious time. Never ignore your child for work. Even if you are working parent after coming back from work talk to your child, ask him what you have done in a day, what new things he learnt. 

Never give an excuse of your tiredness to your child. If you keep on ignoring your child, your child can become conservative or can even start hiding things from you.

Avoid Comparing with Others

Every child is special. Never compare your child with others. This thing discourages them and hurts them more that can result in loss of imagination, hatred, conservative nature and many more. Always encourage them, help them in learning new things.

Even if they make any mistake help them in learning correct things. If you want your child to learn proper and good things always encourage them. We all are human, we all make mistakes and we learn from these mistakes only. Always encourage them and appreciate their efforts.

It’s been said, “Children are very innocent. The way we carve them, they take shape in that way”. Thus, it is important to help a child from the beginning onwards.

Always remember it’s not necessary for your child to go preschool for ingraining good things but it’s you who is important in their growth. Help your child in learning new things. It’s only you who can make them scientist or can ruin them.

The way you make them now, they will become in the future. Playschool is not an obligation, do not make the burden on your child's shoulders. It is their age of seeing the world and learning things by themselves. Help them in learning a correct thing, make them know but don’t overburden them.

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