Thursday, August 16, 2018


Smart kids are those who is active, who knows how to act according to situation, who knows how to speak, who behaves well. Intelligent in studies not symbolize smartness. Smartness is more than that. If your kid is all rounder than he is smart. Smart kids is one who makes proper balance between everything and who knows what is good for him.
We can not judge smartness through studies or through field activities as every child has some special character and skills that makes him different from other. Some are good in speaking, some are awesome in studies while some are good in ground. Being a parent we want our kid to develop in such a way that he behaves intelligently with the talent he has in himself.
When kids are young, this is the most appropriate age for them to grow well. It is the perfect time to ingrain things in them. As a parent it is our responsibility to take care of them.There are many things that we generally ignore in our day to day life but puts lot of impact on child growth.
Here I come up with some basic tips that will help your child to grow smart.

Healthy breakfast:

Food is act as a fuel for our body. Whatever we do it requires energy and that energy we get from food that we eat. When we start our day in the morning it is very important to take something as there is a long gap between our dinner. Skipping breakfast can cause restless, irritation, tiredness in the kids.
In the morning our body needs fuel to do task as during sleep body already remains without food for more than 8-12 hours. It is very important to have healthy breakfast which is rich of fiber, calcium, proteins  and other nutrients that will help in growing their mind intellectually. Kids who eat healthy breakfast have longer attention spans and better memory.

Praise efforts not results:

Being a parent we want our kids to get best results as we know we are putting lot of efforts in them. Always remember every kids is having some speciality in them. We can not always compare them with others or scold them for their poor performance.
Kids have very soft heart the way we react to them puts direct impact on their heart. Here I am not saying that you stop putting your expectation on kids but you need to realise what to say at what time.
Being a parent you need to handle everything calmly. If your child has not performed well rather than scolding him like that 
“I have put lot of expectation on you but you moron never ever do well or stand up to my expectation. I am tired of you”.
You can handle the situation like that – “I know you are putting lot of efforts in your studies. We both need to put little more efforts in your studies so that we get little more marks.”
Every situation have different way to handle it. Praise them for their efforts. Stop finding issues and blames in them.

Develop love for reading:

Books are said to be best friends. Because they are always with you for your lifetime. Whatever you read, you see will always be in your mind and you never forget that.
Like that always develop habit of reading in your kids from their starting age. It will help them not only  in exploring new things but also help them in their studies.
Help them in exploring books and develop reading habits by offering them various genre books.

Puts kids to bed early:

Sleeping is most important for our body like food. If sleep do not gets complete than kids remain irritated throughout the day. Our body require proper rest to do daily activities. Thus, it is very important to take proper and healthy sleep.
Always puts kids early to bed as it not only help in completing their sleep but also help them to wake early in the morning. When kids wake up with sound sleep their mind is fresh. At that time whatever they learn, they do that thing will ingrain in them for long time. It will increase their memory, learning capability, make them healthy.
Being a parent, it is very important on our part to help kids so that they ingrain best habits in themselves. We want our kids to become smart, for that we need to put little more efforts. If we can not help our kids who is going to help them. Small small things makes lot of difference. These tips are very simple yet very effective in growing smart kids. Help yourself and your kids to grow smart.

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